TV Ads Big with Upcoming Elections

Election season is in full swing with election day less than two months away. Every candidate is vying for your vote, and whether you think it does or not, your vote makes a difference. If you’re a regular TV watcher, you may be bombarded with messages from both parties (depending on the state you live in).

Trends in these TV ads have been appearing. Many democrats are distancing themselves away from their party. For example, an ad in Nebraska for Tom White, who is running against incumbent Lee Terry, just mentions “Nebraska Independence for Congress” in his ad.

Many of the democratic candidates are also acting critical of decisions made by Washington including agreeing to spend more and increase the national debt and passing the new health care reform or working to distance themselves from that position. For example, Walt Minnick, a Democratic Representative from Idaho, shot his ad in front of a home (presumably in Idaho) as if to say that he is not part of Washington.

For Republicans, the big thing, especially if they’re trying to knock off a Democratic incumbent, is to point out the mistakes that the Democrats have made in Washington. This often centers around not enough jobs being created, too much money being spent (and not spent wisely, and the health care reform. To top it all off, the Republicans are spending much more on these ads than the Democrats — about 35 percent more ($20 million vs. $13 million). Democrats are worried about this. In fact, President Obama is planning on increasing his efforts to raise money and Nancy Pelosi is making more efforts to get money out of donors. We’ll have to see if that’s enough to help the Democrats.

With how unhappy most citizens have been with job shortages and the economy, it may be that many incumbents for the Democratic party will find themselves out of a job come January unless they can persuade their voters that they’ve changed. In fact, Chet Culver of Iowa mentioned that he’s made mistakes, but he’ll do a better job if re-elected.


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