Senate Approves Money to Aid Schools

In August 2010, Senate voted for a measure to give school districts more money — $26 million to be precise. When it comes for more money for schools, it’s hard to say no, especially since the purpose is to prevent the needs for layoffs. The 57 democratic senators voted for the measure to pass unanimously while 39 republican senators were opposed.

Senator Cardin from Maryland said that passing the measure was important — it keeps teachers in the classroom and other school personnel working. Many believe that keeping these school workers in their jobs is important for the economy. That’s true, isn’t it? Without these jobs, many people would have to find other, likely less paying, jobs.

So why did the Republicans vote against the measure? When it comes down to it, the Republicans believe that too much money is being spent — to the point of excess. Is it possible that all of this government spending now will lead to a worse economy in the future? Will we be leaving a huge deficit that our children will have to repay? It makes you wonder if the Democrats are taking this into account when they agree to throw more and more money at our economic issues.

According to The New York Times, this bill won’t actually add to the deficit because the money that is being generated for the bill actually comes from closing a business tax loophole. Without this loophole, business won’t be able to take advantage anymore costing the government money. It’s also been created by making spending cuts in other areas of the government.

Overall, the bill seems like a good way for schools across the country to get the funding they need for teachers. The student to teacher ratio has been rising consistently with the current economic downturn and the last thing we want is for the quality of our children’s education to suffer because the classrooms are too crowded.


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