Race for Massachusetts Governor Heats Up

The Primaries for this year’s Massachusetts governor will be almost pointless because all four candidates are running for different parties. This year the candidates are the incumbent Deval Patrick, Democrat; Charlie Baker, Republican; Tim Cahill, Independent; and Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow Party.

Even though the Primaries are set, the elections for November are heating up. It’s hard to say at this point who will win. Although many favor Patrick because he’s good at wooing the public, his popularity ratings have been low. His campaign rests some on the merits that Massachusetts has weathered the economic downturn better than most states, but this often leaves voters feeling patronized and many believe that has more to do with the industries and economic stability in Massachusetts rather than the help provided by Patrick. And yet, he’s currently leading polls by five or six points. Will this change as the electron draws nearer?

Charlie Baker, on the other hand, seems ready to provide the change that Massachusetts needs. As a graduate from Harvard, Baker was an extremely a successful aide to two governors during the 1990s. What may hurt him during this election is his inability to woo voters the way that Patrick does. However, after talking to voters about important issues, many find themselves swayed by Baker’s passion for Massachusetts and his knowledge about what needs to be done for things to change. More than one voter has come away with the decision to vote for Baker. Before making a decision on who to vote for this November, voters should take a look at the platform for each of the voters rather than relying on emotion to sway decision on which candidate to vote for.

Tim Cahill is the state treasurer for Massachusetts and has chosen to run as an independent. He was formerly a Democrat and seems to have left the party in order to run. Cahill is currently trailing far behind Baker and Patrick in the polls.

Jill Stein is currently looking for liberal voters to vote for her and may pull some votes away from Patrick.

This will be an exciting race!


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