Politician Websites Not Really Owned by Politician

When it comes to cyber real estate, website domain names are not always what they appear. You would think that if you wanted to learn more about Brad Ellsworth, who is running for Senate in Indiana, that going to BradEllsworth.org might get you some information about this candidate, but not so. Instead, the site forwards […]

Will the Democrats Win out with the 2010 Elections?

Back in 2008, the Democrats won big. President Obama was elected and the Democrats won majority seats in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. People were looking for a change and felt that putting Democrats in office would be the right way to go. In the last two years, not much has changed. […]

Christine O’Donnell Wins Primaries

Another victory for the Tea Party, with Christine O’Donnell who won the Primary elections in Delaware on September 14, means more loss hope for the Republican Party. O’Donnell won over Michael Castle for U.S. Senate for the Republican party. The margin was fairly close with O’Donnell getting 53 percent of the 57,000 votes. Party of […]

Murkowski’s Write-in Campaign in Alaska: Smart or Misguided?

In a surprise result from the primaries in Alaska, favored candidate for a Senate seat, Lisa Murkowski did not win. Instead, Joe Miller, who was backed by Tea Party activists, beat out Murkowski. The hope with Murkowski was that with her seniority, she would be able to be chairwoman for the Energy and Natural Resources […]

Tea Party Making Waves in This Year’s Election Season

What Is the Tea Party? If you haven’t been watching the news, then you may have missed the many political protests organized by the Tea Party, a movement that has been used to promote change in the government. The name refers to the Boston Tea Party, when American colonists demonstrated their disagreement with the British […]

Should the Wealthy Receive Tax Breaks?

President Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders have proposed that the federal tax breaks that have been given to all (and that expire this year) should be adjusted so that only individuals who make $200,000 a year and couples who make $250,000 a year or lower should continue to receive the breaks. This makes sense […]

The Fifteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Women’s suffrage has been talked about a lot; maybe because it happened less than a century ago, but when was it that citizens of any race could vote, regardless of color or being a former slave? This came with the 15th Amendment that was passed on February 3, 1870. This amendment states that it is […]

Rangel Wins Primaries

Charles Rangel, Democratic Representative from New York, faced five opponents in this year’s Primaries, but Rangel was by far the leader with 59 percent of the votes (after 32 percent of the votes had been counted). The closest opponent was Adam Clayton Powell IV with 25 percent of the votes. What’s interesting is that Rangel […]

Fighting Child Obesity with the Child Nutrition Legislation

If you’re a parent, you may be concerned, like many parents across the country, about the rise in children obesity. More and more children are being diagnosed with type II diabetes, which is preventable. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, is working to combat this issue with her “Let’s Move!” campaign which would work to encourage […]

How Swing Voters Affect Elections

Have you ever thought about how swing voters can affect the outcome of an election? For some areas, there are so many voters of one party or another that diminish the effect of swing voters, such as states that are deeply red or deeply blue, but for many states, a large percentage of the voters […]