Laughing and Business: Don’t Be a Buzz Kill

To understand the challenges of humor in business organizations, it may help to look at the Ivy League. Dartmouth College, the League’s historically most fun school, is suffering from a serious lack of humor. Recently, a fraternity advertised a Cinco de Mayo party featuring margaritas and other typical features of the Americanized holiday. But one […]

7 Common Myths About Leadership

Existing businesses are facing disruption at all levels. Younger employees are not satisfied with just a “job,” but rather, want work that allows them to be involved and included in decisions. Traditional command and control leadership models are floundering, unable to adapt to the need for more collaboration and inclusion. Flattening organizational structure is all […]

Unlock a Better Future with an Online Master’s Degree in Social Work

Although in numerous cases the decision to pursue an online master’s degree in social work comes easily, some may still have plenty of questions regarding the benefits and drawbacks of this degree. Are you asking yourself whether the online degree is worth pursuing, especially given the number of hours you will have to devote to […]

How to Earn an MBA from Anywhere with Internet Access

We all know that we’re living in a fast paced world where everyone is busy calculating steps to climb higher in their particular fields by working hard and late in their workplace, but there’s something more that can be done to give a boost to your career and get a quick access to a higher […]

Race for Massachusetts Governor Heats Up

The Primaries for this year’s Massachusetts governor will be almost pointless because all four candidates are running for different parties. This year the candidates are the incumbent Deval Patrick, Democrat; Charlie Baker, Republican; Tim Cahill, Independent; and Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow Party. Even though the Primaries are set, the elections for November are heating up. It’s […]

NY Voters Disappointed on Eve of Primaries

New York’s state’s primaries were held Tuesday, September 14, 2010. But on the eve of the Primaries, many voters were less than enthusiastic about voting. After years of voting and seeing no change, many felt like their votes weren’t doing anything and that the candidates were all talk and no action. One of the big […]

Gary Bests Fenty in Democrat Primaries

A tough race for Washington’s Mayor Primaries. Incumbent Adrian Fenty lost to Vincent Gray, the chairman of Washington’s city council. As of Wednesday morning, September 15, with 90 percent of the precincts report, 53 percent of the votes went to Gray. In a largely Democratic city, winning the Primaries for this election is basically winning […]

Mr. Fenty the Underdog for Mayor Elections in Washington DC

Adrian Fenty, the youngest mayor to ever hold the office of mayor in Washington D.C. (winning at age 35) is facing an uphill battle to win the primaries this election season. Because the city is heavily liberal, whoever wins the primaries for the Democratic ticket will most likely when the race in the end. This […]

TV Ads Big with Upcoming Elections

Election season is in full swing with election day less than two months away. Every candidate is vying for your vote, and whether you think it does or not, your vote makes a difference. If you’re a regular TV watcher, you may be bombarded with messages from both parties (depending on the state you live […]

Senate Approves Money to Aid Schools

In August 2010, Senate voted for a measure to give school districts more money — $26 million to be precise. When it comes for more money for schools, it’s hard to say no, especially since the purpose is to prevent the needs for layoffs. The 57 democratic senators voted for the measure to pass unanimously […]