NY Voters Disappointed on Eve of Primaries

New York’s state’s primaries were held Tuesday, September 14, 2010. But on the eve of the Primaries, many voters were less than enthusiastic about voting. After years of voting and seeing no change, many felt like their votes weren’t doing anything and that the candidates were all talk and no action.

One of the big problems felt by voters in New York was the sky-high property taxes. Many voted in Democrats thinking that they would help to lower these exorbitant taxes, but nothing has changed — the taxes are still there. On top of that, many are still without jobs and new jobs are scarce. Nothing seems to be done about that either.

One of the biggest races in the Primaries is the race between two Republican candidates for governor. Former Representative Rick A. Lazio is running against Carl Paladino, who had to get a petition of 30,000 signatures to be able to run. This makes for a competitive race, but many voters find their not invested in the race itself. Basically it comes down to the feeling that candidates can promise what things they’ll do if elected, but when it comes down to it, only time will tell if what they promise will happen. One voter compared it to the candidates applying for the job with voters being the interviewers. Except that with most jobs, if it doesn’t work out, the person is fired and another person can be hired. With government positions, voters will have to wait awhile before being able to fire the person they elected.

Most voters just feel like there’s a flaw in the system — whether because of having only two major parties or not having the right candidates or mismanaging tax money — and that there isn’t a way to fix it. It’s hard to be excited about voting in this election season when there isn’t a candidate that gets you really excited and makes you believe that things will change.

As voters, all we can do is look at each candidate and vote for the one we think will do the best!


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