How to Prepare for Your First Strategy Meeting

If you have never been involved in a strategy planning process before, the invitation from your executive for this work is both exciting and a bit intimidating. The idea of “strategy” sounds exotic and important, and while much of this work is less than exotic, it absolutely is indeed critical. This post offers a straight-forward […]

A Guide to Understanding the Role of a Mentor

A Great Mentor Is a Difference-Maker I have been fortunate to be on the receiving end of a great mentor and to have served in that capacity for a number of now very successful professionals. The long-term impact of mentoring can be life and career changing. In my own situation, the mentor was a senior sales […]

8 Tips for Getting Started Successfully with Your New Team

Your promotion to leading a new team or function is simultaneously exciting and just a little bit nerve-wracking. The great news is that your boss has faith in your abilities and is betting her credibility that you’re the right person for the job. The butterflies-in-the-stomach part comes from you knowing that you’ve got a whole […]

10 Tips for Dealing With Difficult People at Work

In every workplace, you will have difficult coworkers. Dealing with difficult coworkers, bosses, customers, clients, and friends is an art worth perfecting. Dealing with difficult situations at work is challenging, yet rewarding. You can vastly improve your own work environment and morale when you increase your ability to deal with the people at work. You […]

Three Leadership Hacks to Accelerate Success in an Era of Change

The phrase, “speed kills,” was coined in an era where by comparison to today, time seemingly advanced at the pace of my five-mile run—very, very slowly. Gone are the days of long-term strategic plans or slow development of big new projects and products. While long-term visions are always in style, the road map to reaching […]

Laughing and Business: Don’t Be a Buzz Kill

To understand the challenges of humor in business organizations, it may help to look at the Ivy League. Dartmouth College, the League’s historically most fun school, is suffering from a serious lack of humor. Recently, a fraternity advertised a Cinco de Mayo party featuring margaritas and other typical features of the Americanized holiday. But one […]