Bill Passed to Help Small Businesses

On Thursday, September 16, a bill was passed in the Senate to help small businesses with tax breaks government loans. This multi-billion dollar package is designed to help spur the economy as well as provide new jobs. With more money, small businesses are more likely to hire on new employees as well as grow with new products and services. The vote in the Senate was 61 to 38 with very few (two to be exact) Republicans voting for the bill. Many Republicans are still trying to decrease spending by the government, which seems to be unending.

Another issue that some Republicans had was that the bill did not do enough to help small business owners reduce their anxiety. Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, Republican, stated that “Any good in this bill is greatly outweighed by what’s missing.”

Most likely, this piece of legislation was passed by Democrats in an attempt to look like they’re doing something to help the economy before the general elections in November. The current legislatures in Washington have been highly criticized for not doing more to turn the economy around and for spending money inefficiently causing the national debt to increase. This has been a major issue for voters and many candidates up for re-election for this mid-term election are looking for ways to look good for their constituents. Some have even gone as far as apologizing, admitting that they’ve made some mistakes.

Still, some believe that the government caused the mess in the first place, by relaxing requirements for mortgage loans causing people to qualify for loans that they couldn’t afford, and would prefer that the government not try and fix the problem. It may be possible that they will make the hole deeper. With many citizens calling for less government control in our lives, it makes you wonder just how far the government should be allowed to go. In California, one county banned toys from fast food kids meals that were deemed unhealthy because they county has high rates of child obesity. Shouldn’t it be the parents’ responsibility to make these choices, not the government’s?


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